Frequently asked questions

What if it breaks?

Contact me via Email. Send a photo in the message and you will recieve an answer with a solution within 24-48 hours.

Can I return it?

All sales are final.

If I like it, can I get duplicate pieces?

All pieces are Handcrafted, therefore not one is the same. Therefore, each piece is original and can not be exactly copied. But, you can work with Lydia to request a Custom order. Please contact here. Custom orders are a great way to capture and produce your specific vision. You can also request design copies, but again, not one is the same and may look slightly different depending the design.

Who pays for shipping?

It is Free Shipping. For damages, you must pay for hipping costs.

How do I clean it?

Alcohol Polishing cloth - Sunshine Polishing Cloth Soap and water

What should I wear it with?

Can I exercise wearing your jewelry?

Can you re-size it?

It depends on the piece. Most of the rings will need to be sized to your needs. Please Contact Lydia directly for specific questions or concerns regaurding your size.

Can I wear it to the beach?

Yes, but be carful of losing it. No replacements. Surf's up!

Can it get lonely at night?

Yes, so consider getting a second or third piece to keep it company.